Product Review: Golden Oreos with Chocolate Filling

I recently discovered the number of varieties of Oreo cookies available at the supermarket.  When I was a kid, it was just Oreos, Oreo Double Stuf, and for a few blessed years, Oreo Big Stuf.  (Tangent: does it bother anyone else that they can’t even bring themselves to call the filling “stuff”, mis-spelling it in the manner of a company that wants to use a term that the product doesn’t legally qualify for?  How bad does your product have to be before you’re no longer legally allowed to call it “stuff”?)  Now there are several more flavors, with peanut butter, mint, and so forth, and this one, a “reverse” Oreo with vanilla cookies and chocolate filling.

I love the filling in regular Oreos, but I’m not a big fan of the cookies.  They’re alright, but too chocolatey, and they can overwhelm the flavor of the filling.  I went into this realizing that there was no traditional Oreo filling involved, but hoping that the vanilla would be a stronger component of the flavor and the chocolate still strong enough to make a difference.  I was pleased to find that’s exactly the case.  The cookies have a robust vanilla flavor and the chocolate filling still makes itself known.  It winds up being a good mix, although as with regular Oreos, I usually eat the filling and the cookies separately.  Fortunately, although the chocolate is creamier than traditional Oreo filling, it still separates from the cookies easily enough to eat it on its own.

I enjoyed the reverse Oreos, and have purchased more since then.  I think they also come in a Double Stuf variety, and I might try that out for a chocolatier experience.  I like the flavor of the chocolate cream better than the chocolate cookies of regular Oreos, so I might just ditch the regular ones altogether, sticking with Double Stuf and Golden Double Stuf with chocolate filling.

I give them four stars out of five (to leave room for the Double Stufs to be better).  😀

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